FDNA and Genome Medical Improve Access to Critical Diagnostic Services for Children in Medically Underserved Areas

May 20, 2024

Partnership combines AI technology and telehealth genetic counseling services to improve access and quality of care through early interventions for children with developmental conditions


South San Francisco and Atlanta – MAY 20, 2024 – FDNA Inc., the leader in facilitating the early detection of rare genetic diseases, and Genome Medical, the nation’s leading telehealth provider of genetic services, have partnered to empower parents to detect potential developmental, neurological and genetic conditions in their children and connect with specialists quickly – a move that can shorten the diagnostic odyssey for children from an average of five years to a few months.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), developmental disabilities affect one in six children in the U.S., and many of these children also have underlying genetic conditions. Too many families struggle for years to find the right care for their children and are often faced with the lifelong impact of a late diagnosis. FDNA enables the early detection of developmental and genetic disorders for families and children through their Child Development Checker app, an AI powered image analysis and care management tool.

The FDNA app identifies patients with potential genetic conditions and connects them with Genome Medical for genetic counseling and testing services for assessment and diagnosis – all from the comfort of their own homes. This partnership supports and greatly reduces families’ diagnostic journeys. Genome Medical’s nationwide virtual care delivery model delivers genetics care to patients seven days a week with appointments available within a week.

Approximately 6,000 families access FDNA’s Child Development Checker app monthly. On average, 90 percent live more than an hour drive from a medical center, 80 percent are from small towns and rural areas that are often medically underserved and approximately 40 percent are ethnic minorities. Providing fast, virtual access to diagnostic and telehealth genetic services to families with significant barriers to care and shortening their diagnostic journey can provide significant positive impact on the current treatment options and future quality of life for children with genetic conditions.

Geography creates incredible inequities in healthcare when patient access is hours away and knowledge of the healthcare system is not readily available,” says Kiley Johnson, chief clinical officer, Genome Medical. “Genome Medical and FDNA share a common vision for breaking down barriers to access and empowering families to seek the answers they need to pursue the right care. For parents, every day matters when you don’t have a diagnosis for your child. We are shortening that path to diagnosis so parents can seek the care their children need.”

Over the last six months, we helped 35,000 families be better advocates for their child’s health with the help of the Child Development Checker. Of those, 12 percent of children were recommended for genetic review and/or testing, and an additional 34 percent have been flagged for developmental disabilities or delays that may include a neurological or genetic issue,” says Erik A. Feingold, CEO, FDNA. “Through this partnership, we expect to see an increase in diagnoses, with plans to connect more patients with clinical trials and therapies.”


About Genome Medical

Genome Medical, is making genetics care accessible and actionable for patients through seven-day-a-week access to clinical genetic services. By partnering with health systems, molecular testing laboratories and life sciences organizations, we expand the practice and impact of genomic medicine to improve patient care.  With our team of genetics providers, we support our partners by providing expert clinical services including pre- and post-test genetic counseling, genetic test review and authorization, genetic risk assessments and genetic program advisory services. Our real-world data (RWD) and clinical trial matching offerings help accelerate our partners’ therapy development and commercialization efforts.  Genome Medical placed No. 663 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America, received the MedTech Breakthrough 2024 “Best Overall Genomics Award” and  2023 “Genomics Innovation Award” and has been recognized as the “Top 50 in Digital Health” by Fenwick & West and Goldman Sachs. To learn more, visit genomemedical.com and follow @GenomeMed.


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About FDNA

FDNA is the world leader in AI-powered image analysis to expedite the detection of developmental and genetic disorders. Used across 7,000 medical centers and trusted by 70% of global geneticists, FDNA offers a digital front door for pediatric health providers, decision support tools for diagnosis, care management tools for therapy, and streamlined interoperability between patients, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more about FDNA’s innovative technology and its impact on global healthcare at www.fdna.com or follow us on LinkedIn.


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