FDNA provides clinical operations and patient recruitment teams the tools needed to gain instant access to clinicians and their patients for study feasibility, site identification, and patient recruitment.

Communicate effectively with clinicians who see rare disease and genetic disease patient populations. Over 8,000 syndromes, thousands of clinical sites globally and filtering by eligibility criteria. It has never been easier to plan studies, recruit rare disease patients, poll clinical sites or educate clinicians.

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8000+ syndromes in 100+ countries

Enrollment Feasibility

  • Availability of patient populations
  • Availability of clinical sites
  • Eligibility criteria impact on attrition

Site Identification

  • Identify sites based on access to eligible patients
  • Global or geotargeted

Patient Recruitment Services

  • Clinical trial promotion to relevant clinicians
  • Detailed dashboard for outreach and tracking

Targeted Clinician Communications

  • Recruit clinicians and patients based on detailed criteria
  • Poll clinical institutions to gain insights
  • Educate clinicians or disseminate information
  • Email, phone and in-app direct communications channels